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Darwin's speculation, often in conjunction with the big bang fantasy, is very popular in Dutch society. Millions of people believe in both these speculations. In high schools young people are indoctrinated into believing that Darwinism and big bang are scientific truths or, at the very least, "most likely". 

Darwin's speculations, like the big bang fantasy, are just ideas, no more than that. At no level is there any evidence whatsoever for Darwin's speculation that there would be transformation from one species to the next. Bone warehouses and countless publications with speculative associative thoughts are not proof at all. Except for those who have only a very limited supply of the raw material called "intelligence". Nor is there any evidence for the speculation of the so-called "big bang". More about the latter on the next page.

How can it be that so many people believe in Darwinism, to the extent of being fully convinced of it? Because within education, government policy, the mass media and cultural institutions like museums, Darwin's faith is systematically propagated. Politicians of course know the principle of keeping the message very simple and making it very big while repeating it very often. For many people this is reason to ignorantly become convinced and start believing. Furthermore, there is one aspect of Darwinism that appeals to many people and that is that there is some logic to it. Many people are very sensitive to logic even though the speculation of evolution as a whole is very illogical, besides most incomplete. 

On the other hand when an intelligent person meets information from the manufacturer of the material universe, who incidentally also owns the material universe, he accepts it. The manufacturer of the system, God, explains the variety of species in the material universe in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. The size of these species varies according to the specific time period in which they are present. In Kali-yuga, the present time period, everything material is relatively small, short-lived and limited. Within the range of species there is a gradual build-up of sensory and cognitive capabilities. These forms may be temporarily manifest or not manifest. All forms are released with the creation of the material universe, the temporal body of God. From the body of Maha Vishnu, the expansion of Krishna for material creation, countless universes manifest themselves and with the non-manifestation of the universes they disappear into His body again. The energy is eternal within a cycle, not lost.

The individual living entity, depending on its karma, travels through countless temporary bodies. Having arrived in the human form he can ask himself/herself the question, "who am I, what is identity, where does consciousness come from, what is death, where does this world come from, what is its purpose and who or what is God?” You then have the opportunity to regain your eternal identity, your eternal relationship with Krishna, the Absolute Truth. That is the special utility of the human form. If you don't use this option, you automatically live like an animal. An animal basically is concerned with four things; eating, sleeping, mating and defending themselves.

Atheists claim that there is no purpose for this world except for animalistic sense gratification. They believe that everything is coincidental and with death everything ends. The striking thing about these atheists is that they often have very high demands on others. Although according to them the world is meaningless, accidental, and without a specific function, these people have all kinds of laws and rules to explain to others how they should behave and organize their lives. 

Agnostics say "you cannot know whether God exists". Agnostics often project this self-imposed intellectual limitation onto the rest of humanity. With this, they make clear they’re not very smart and also "quite" immodest.

The political and social goals in the modern atheist/humanist countries, where Darwinism is often more or less a state religion, are at its core like those of eg North Korea, which is … Orwellian. Such a statement is absolutely unacceptable according to many atheists and agnostics. "Then go and live somewhere else!" is often their response. Well, we of course decide ourselves what to do.

It’s of course wonderful that you can build your God consciousness anywhere, in any society and in any circumstance. Thereby become immune to the empty-headedness of the atheists in order to be able to do your daily work without any hindrance from these people and their nonsense.