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Kali psychology

In Kali-yuga the psyche is usually concerned with the world of phenomena. The phenomenal world has one essential feature in common: it is ever changing. The material psyche focuses on accepting and rejecting fragmented, temporary objects. As explained earlier, the facility of the material psyche is arranged by maya shakti, God's deceptive capacity.

A popular sub-sector within secular psychology in the Netherlands propagates that a person is identical to its psyche and consists of or originates from the brain. According to the adherents of this sub-sector a person is basically the constantly transforming, fatty mass in the upper room or has sprung from it one way or the other. This fatty mass, like the rest of the embryo, develops in the womb. When death arrives it disintegrates and disappears. That would be you; some greasy, transforming mass that falls apart and disappears after a while. Apart from being nonsensical the proposal is a very sad one.


Statistics within secular psychology.

Statistics are usually a tool in the assessment of the client's psyche by secular psychologists. An important part of statistics is probability. Probability is the mathematical calculation of the probability that a certain circumstance or environment will repeat itself. Scientifically, however, nothing repeats itself in time and space. Repetition exists only in rule, and therefore statistics is not a preferable methodology for actual scientific research. 

It is also a fact that the psychological norms, determined by the government and aimed at society, view people as an object that, if desired or if necessary, is placed in a socio-economic program. In the Netherlands this is usually done via the American DSM system of classification. "DSM" stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Here too we see that the management tool of "statistics" is a core component.

Eliminating mis-identification through identification with the true self, the eternal spiritual soul, gives actual knowledge and release from all kinds of illusions. In this way lasting mental peace, liberated intelligence and God consciousness are obtained. This of course also applies to psychologists who carry out their work in a bona fide manner, i.e. in relation to the scientific reality of the Absolute Truth.