Vedic Science
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70. Only a person who not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires, that enter like rivers into the ocean which is ever being filled but is always still, can achieve peace, not the one who strives to satisfy such desires.
“Fullfilled desires pass, but new desires pop up unabatedly” is the reality of material life. And when a person is fortunate he realises he is always on the lookout for more of the same nonsense. When a conditioned soul indeed comes to realise he is haunted by his own mind, the basin of unlimited scheming and uselessness, he may develop a desire for higher reality, God, the Absolute Truth. The specific wording is secondary while developing that desire, but that one desire is the only legitimate, besides functional desire.

71. A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free from material desires, who has given up all sense of propiertorship and is free from false ego, he alone can achieve peace.
When there are desires for sense gratification there is a time gap between the desires and the fullfilment of them. In God consciousness it is not there since Krishna, God, is the always and everywhere Absolute Truth. So also ones ingoing and outgoing breath are also automatically in full harmony with the air in the sky. That saves one from many years of sitting in a cave in the Himalayas and practising severe penances in order to reach the result. Being free from desires means one only has one desire, and that desire is Krishna. With it one enters the pastimes of Krishna. Having entered the pastimes of Krishna one has direct relationship with Govinda, the one who is pleasing to the senses and the cows, which is a specific pastime of Krishna.

72. That is the way of spiritual and godly life, after attaining it one is not bewildered anymore.  If one is thus situated even at the hour of death, one has entered the state of Brahma-nirvana, the state of cessation of all material existence.
The spirit soul is eternal, birth & death are part of the world of illusion. So one can become Krishna conscious here and now by sacrificing ones worldly dreamlands. Obviously one has to reach Brahma-nirvana, become an actual buddhist, if one wants to realise Krishna. This is unknown to many, although the fact is there.

Thus ends the translation and explanation of the second chapter of Bhagavad-Gita by Rob Knaapen, the Netherlands, February 2024.