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9. Sanjaya said: “Having spoken thus, Arjuna chastiser of enemies, told Krishna: “Govinda, I will not fight”, and fell silent”.
Arjuna’s silence had nothing to do with actual silence, brahma-nirvana, quietness. It was the position of outer silence but great inner turbulence. When one has reached the state of brahma-nirvana, one has reached the level of quietness. And one has therefore the practical realisation that sound only travels within the created ether. Within the non-created ether sound doesn’t travel. It’s the state of vipassana, the state of “seeing things as they are”. In the state of vipassana there are no more interferences, no more deviations. It is the state of being immaculate, which is everyone’s birthright to reach.
Yet there are people, like so called “scientists”, who claim ether doesn’t exist, and that they have evidence for their claim. However, one can’t produce any evidence for the claim that ether doesn’t exist, because you can’t divide or measure ether. Nor can you work, manipulate, or engineer ether. These are circumstances the so called “scientists” don’t like because they want to investigate, control and manipulate, and that you can’t with ether.  So that is “helaas pindakaas” for the so called “scientists”, or “too bad” in the English language.
In Vedanta Sutra 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 it is stated that there are both non created ether as well as created ether. Getting your information from a bona-fide source, in this case the facilitator of the material universe, instead from incompetent folks, is obviously the preferred process.
On another note, for reaching the state of quietness many people prefer to go to a desolated beachfront, a forest or a mountain range. That type of quietness, however, is highly vulnerable and very easily destroyed. The same circumstance is there for those who visit a house of prayer, a prayer room, or a quiet room for their quietness. In the material world your karmas, your illusions, go with you wherever you go. Nevertheless, to be interested in quietness is an indication God’s illusory capacity, maya shakti, is a sound vibration. The Vedanta Sutra 4.4.22 aphorism “om anavrtti sabdat”, “not being fenced in through sound”, confirms the actual fact, as well as the liberated state.

10. At that time, Krishna, smilingly in between the two armies, spoke the following words to the suffering Arjuna.
“Suffert” in Dutch means “dull headed one”. It’s true, suffering indeed is due to ignorance.

11. While speaking learned words you’re whining about which is not worthy to be whined about. Those who are developed in consciousness lament neither for the living, nor for the dead.
Arjuna had brought up different kinds of excuses not to fight but Krishna didn’t fall for Arjuna’s babbling. Of course not, since He is the Unlimited Supreme Person, one of which whose pastimes it is to explain a few things about life to the conditioned soul in mental turbulence and ready to receive such information.

12. Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these relative rulers, never in the future shall any of us cease to exist.
Krishna points out that individual living beings are eternal individual spirit souls. This is so for all living beings, which are unlimited in numbers. It is not that after liberation one merges into some great nothing, or into some great everything. After liberation individuality and identity remain. And within Brahman, the Absolute Truth, rests unlimited transcendental, form, variety & relationship.
Many people conclude that all form, variety and relationship aren't fulfilling, only bring short term relief of distress. Which in the material circumstance is a correct conclusion. But fake gold doesn’t exclude real gold. In fact, one can only have a conception of fake gold because real gold exists. One who is seasoned in the material world, and therefore has become like an old crow, will therefore engage in actual spiritual life instead of taking to the hobby of being a talking head.

13. As the embodied soul continuously passes from boyhood, to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.
Identification is an individual state of consciousness. As long as one identifies with the temporary body one is illusioned and under full control of the “time” factor. The temporary body is designed to be destroyed, it’s meant to be destroyed, and it will be destroyed (death), plain & simple. The world of identification with the temporary body is the world of the confused mind. When you realise you’re an eternal individual spirit soul, in quality same as Brahman, God, you’re liberated & have reached total perfection of existence. The fact is also, however, that a person is born in either a male body, which has the XY chromosome, or is born in a female body, which has the XX chromosome. Or a person has a body which is physically diseased in terms of its chromosome structure, like a body which suffers from the Klinefelter syndrome. The so called “transgender” body, about which there is a lot do these days, doesn’t exist. It is a fictional product of an over the top society where haughtiness & lying are popular among many, including corrupt and misleading politicians. One can engineer whatever one wants but one can’t change the chromosome and DNA structures of male and female bodies.