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General Quotes

Spiritual Life

  • With love & devotion devotees of Krishna challenge errorism. Errorism is a most common phenomenon in Kali yuga.                                                                                  
  • A devotee of Krishna is without sin. Living a sinful life means to be unfortunate & to be confused.
  • Simple living, high thinking is the spiritual lifestyle.
  • Yoga is the one & only productive activity.
  • God is not only great, He is the greatest, the smallest and everything in between and everything outside. God's greatness is not one-sided, it is all-sided.
  • God controls everyone in the material universe through His infallible 24/7 wireless in-motion charging.

The mechanistic & hedonistic society

  • In today's society you will find many, many managers. They like to be the head of others but usually are not even the head of their own head.
  • Words like "discrimination", "racism", "misogyny" and "phobia" are often used to sow mood and to be able to complain and whine.
  • Teachers who claim that the universe is "coincidental" should not complain when students are rebellious; that is of course also "coincidental". In Northwestern Europe there are many Chamberlain's these days.
  • Humanists place human beings at the center of the universe. Spiritualists place God, the Absolute Truth, at the center of the universe.
  • The statement "we are too small to understand God" is only a patronizing statement. When "we are" is replaced by "I am" you get a different story. Projection is indeed a rather prominent psychological insufficiency in Kali yuga.
  • Many people are familiar with the book the "Brave New World", but they hardly realize that Western countries are increasingly being set up according to the model described in the "Brave New World".
  • The democratically elected misleaders are very well described with the following words: "with lust as bait they chase stupidity".
  • Many secular so-called scientists propagate that you should doubt everything. However, they usually do not doubt their job at for instance a university, their income, their partner and their properties. In addition, when you start doubting everything consistently, you simply go crazy.

  • Big bang & evolution believers merely propagate the ever-failing rat race.
  • The survival of the fittest is just a delusion since at that level everyone dies after a while.
  • "Honest" products only come when you recognize the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the material universe. Atheists therefore use the word "honest" very dishonestly. But hey, they're atheists, what else can you expect from them?

  • Gold is for kings, silver is for civilized citizens, barter is for peasants and debt is for slaves.
  • The National Lottery is just another tax scheme.
  •  Without God-consciousness one is always poor.