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"Time" is an important given in the material world. People use it many times on a daily basis, some examples of which are given below.

Next week is the annual autumn festival, yippie!

The new iPhone will be released next month. However, by that time it will be already outdated.

To be on time I must be in restaurant Timeless at the latest at 20.00h.

I have eight weeks of summer vacation this year. Yippie!

I have no vacation this year. A sad situation ...

Can I try to seduce her? Because yes, she is almost 10 years younger than me.

He would be here at eleven and it is now five to twelve and ... sigh, he is not here yet.

In New Zealand it's already New Year's Eve and you can see nice images on your phone! Haha, we’re simply in control of time! Too bad we still have to wait for the occurence here...

Three minutes left in the game, anything can still happen!

And let’s be clear about it, between the material body and its death there is only some "time". Hence the saying: "right from birth you’re dying". In addition, we have no control over time, but we are completely subject to it in the material world. Time is the mysterious but very powerful ruler in the material world. God says in Bhagavad Gita 11.32 that He is time; "kalo 'smi", "Time am I". Time is fundamentally eternal and also the impersonal aspect of the Absolute Truth. Within eternal time, seasonal time and atomic time exist. We use the latter more or less constantly in our highly organized societies. Once we understand the scientific reality of the Absolute Truth we’re no longer under the control of time.